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The Impending Doom of the Appraisal Industry

Is the appraisal industry doomed?

For years we’ve been told “The end is near” for the appraisal industry. We know this isn’t true! We can’t help but wonder why naysayers continue to shout this headline! Appraisal Buzz hosted DataMaster appraisers Jared Preisler, SRA, and Keven Ewell recently to address this threatened “impending doom.”

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Crazy Appraisal Stories

If you’ve been appraising long enough, you’ve had some interesting experiences. Whether it was a dog chase, a bumpy ride through the mountains with an active home owner, a gun in an empty room, or a nest of bees in a ceiling, every appraiser has at least one crazy story to tell!

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5 Ways to Future-Proof Your Appraisal Business

Last week, Jared Preisler, SRA, DataMaster’s Chief Appraiser and I held an hour-long webinar/podcast to address how you can build your appraisal business to withstand changes in the real estate market. We are in the midst of a technological revolution in appraising involving artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. These changes present unique challenges for appraisers. With our 5 Ways to Future-Proof Your Appraisal Business, we came up with a short list of recommendations to help you prepare for the future.

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