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The Big Black Box; The Difference Between Big Data and Big Analytics

He stood before the three men and one woman with a bead of sweat creeping down his left temple.  It was not that their presence was particularly ominous in appearance. After all, they were seated on metal folding chairs behind a plastic banquet table.  No, his trepidation was more about what they represented and even more so, about what their decision could do to him and his career.

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Accuracy of Property Data – Important as Ever?

This is a guest post authored by Robert T. Murphy

I have had some discussion lately with valuation industry participants regarding the importance of the appraiser obtaining accurate property data as well as understanding its source for comparable properties considered in an appraisal. These discussions are the result, in part, of the addition of Advisory Opinion #37 (AO-37) to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) coming in January 2018.

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