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Solving the Housing Shortage

How bad will the housing shortage get?


It’s no secret that the demand for single-family homes in the United States is greater than the supply. Not only are fewer people selling their homes, but fewer homes are also being built! We must do something, but what? Let’s examine the housing supply problem, and then we’ll discuss several options for solving the issue!

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The Impending Doom of the Appraisal Industry

Is the appraisal industry doomed?

For years we’ve been told “The end is near” for the appraisal industry. We know this isn’t true! We can’t help but wonder why naysayers continue to shout this headline! Appraisal Buzz hosted DataMaster appraisers Jared Preisler, SRA, and Keven Ewell recently to address this threatened “impending doom.”

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