Top 3 Appraisal Posts of 2020

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DataMaster’s Top 3 Blog Posts of 2020!

We’ve shared the top ten blog posts of 2020 from bloggers around the country! Now we’re sharing our own top three blog posts of 2020! These posts had the most reads from you, our readers!



Computer technology for appraisers
Why Should You Adopt New Technology?

How to Make More Money: Adopt New Technology

We touch on drones and data management technology in our third most read blog post of 2020.

Keven Ewell, a successful appraiser in Utah, contributed his expert opinion to this article. Some of his insights:

I was always taught that I should work smarter, not harder.

I like to look for tools that save me time and help me produce more credible results. This is where DataMaster comes in for me.

The DataMaster team has recently added a market analysis feature (Neighborhood Analysis) that allows me to look at two market segments at the same time. I have an assistant that helps me import the information from DataMaster into my report. I give my assistant the comparables and data and they put them into DataMaster. I then verify the information and import it into the appraisal. I am left with entering my decisions on the quality and condition, of the subject and comps, comment writing, adjustments, and reconciliation.

With DataMaster I have been able to increase my productivity by nearly 30%.

Read it here: How to make More Money Appraising: Adopt New Technology.


Success Ahead Sign
Appraisal Success Ahead!

How to Make More Money: Obtain New Clients

Who knew that there were so many ways that you could make more money as an appraiser? In this penultimate article in our seven-article series, “How to Make More Money,” we explore how appraisers can make more money by obtaining new clients.

From getting onto approved rosters, to online marketing and more, we give you four tips on how to round up more clients for your appraisal business!

Read it here: How to Make More Money: Obtain New Clients


And the Winner is….

The Most Important Tools for Appraisers

Drum roll please!

Keven Ewell gives his opinion on what the most important tools for appraisers are in our top blog post of 2020! Yep, cameras and computers made the list, but what else did?

Here’s a morsel to tempt you!

I have often wondered what the most important tech tool is that appraisers use in their everyday practice. We use so many tools, and determining which one is the most important is difficult. I thought it’d be neat to take a look back at the appraiser tools I’ve used and at the tools that I use now with the idea that maybe one will stand out. Please join me!

To see what appraisal tools Keven picked, keep reading here: The Most Important Tools for Appraisers.

See You in 2021!

2021 Light Bulb
There’s Hope for 2021!

We look forward to 2021 and all of the hope it brings!

Here’s to many more blog posts!

Here’s to success in your business!

Here’s to a solid real estate market for all of the real estate professionals out there!

Happy New Year!

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