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Plat Maps Made Easy!

As Easy As Possible!

We’re determined to make appraisers’ lives as easy as possible! With access to public record data, back-end MLS data, many amazing features, and helpful customer support, it’s no wonder that we’re the most popular data management software for real estate appraisers in the US!

What’s Next?

What’s Next?

So what’s next? We’re releasing an exciting lineup of new features this year! These features will save you even more time, make your life even easier, make your files more defensible, and help you make your business successful!

Our latest new feature is rolling out to across the country as we speak!

Drum Roll

Introducing…(Drum Roll Please!)

Introducing…Plat Maps at your fingertips! No more hustling down to the county records office or paying a separate Plat Maps provider and all of the other hassle of digging up a Plat Map for your appraisal file. Inside of DataMaster, simply click on “Plat Map” then click “Get Plat from Public Records”. DataMaster finds the Plat Map for you and downloads it into your form!

Watch this video to see how Plat Maps work in DataMaster.

No More Fences!

Still on the fence? Here are some swell reasons to use DataMaster for your Plat Maps needs:

  • Simplifies your process (Plat Maps come through DataMaster into your form!)
  • Automatically populates your form as a PDF
  • No minimum amount of use
  • No monthly fee
  • Saves you time (no manual searching!)
  • Saves you hassle (just two clicks in DataMaster!)
  • Only $5 a month for unlimited plats

Ready To Try Plat Maps?

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Ready to try Plat Maps through DataMaster!

Ready to get started? Try Plat Maps through DataMaster for free for 30 days, then use Plat Maps for only $1 a plat!

Go to: for more information!

To sign up, call us at 888.362.9222 or email us at

Happy appraising!

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